GY Dance



Established in 1985, Glenda Yee School of Dance started as a dancing school for students in South Western Sydney. 

Formed by Principal and Teacher, Glenda Yee, and her husband, Dennis Yee, the school was formed to provide excellence in dance training for boys and girls of school age. 

It has since gone onto become one of Australia’s most well-known and established performing arts schools in Sydney. 

In 2016, GY DANCE was sold to Glenda’s 2IC, Johanna van Althius-Jones, a former student of the studio. Johanna proudly continues the legacy of the school, continuing to create stars in performing arts.

GY DANCE logos through the years

"Amazing studio I was lucky to be apart of when I was younger, and now my daughters can be too"

Sarah Duetoft - Dance Mum & Former Student